Our thought was too big. We don't have enough time to make the gameplay. Bugs are flying here and there lol. We catch, catch, catch. Oops, time's up. 

Pictures are just showing the development. At least we can show you some arts and the awesome UI haha. We should better not focus on UI first next time...

How we started... Let's make a TD game!

Day 1
Joining blocks together to spawn towers

Artist drawn sample scene

Artist drawn sample scene

We test the drag and drop system

Drag and drop system testing

Day 2
We test the combat system
Combat system testing scene


Possible towers

Higher level

Design levels in the last 30 mins

Most annoying obstacles

When you merge your friends' branches

WebGL Sucks

It was working on Editor. Messed up in WebGL!

Some Funny Moment

Sorting layer is not friendly to 2.5D :(

Guess what the most important?

Lesson learned

  • to scale down the project or even change another idea
  • prioritize gameplay & level design
  • don't merge branches until the last minute!


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I love the mini devlog, I hope you finish this game even though the jam ended.


I second this comment