Ghostly Delivery is a strategy game. You control ghost minions to deliver cargo through the city portal.


  1. Use mouse to drag-select the ghosts, then click on the prefer destination to move the selected ghosts. While selecting the ghost, the total strength of them will be shown.
  2. Catch the box dropping from the top
  3. Dodge the Death box to prevent from being killed.
  4. Buy new ghosts and reroll the shop from time to time.

UI Explanation:

Control & Rule:

* Yeah we know the game is imbalanced. We didn't have time for game testing. Please  have fun playing it xd
* There are total 6 types of ghosts. You can unlock different types of ghost according to your level.
* Be careful of the heights of the ghosts. Only ghost with the same height and catch the box together!


We have an updated version of the game. It will be updated here after the jam. After playing on this page, if you want to have a better experience of the game. You could check it out Here.

But please rate our game by the current version on itch


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