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The camera angle and movement is really confusing, I have no idea in which direction I am rolling.... and it's also like, triggering my motion sickness for whatever reason?(@_@) it's a pain to look at.

I like the animations and that you can change background music though. It's a good concept.


The isometric perspective really hurts this game, I'm having trouble understanding what face is on the other side of the camera and the controls are clunky. 

I saw a similar game with indicators as to what number each step would make, you should add that.

The isometric view was the best angle I can think of, without any other visual aid. If you took a look at the FAQ you could understand why: You can calculate the value of the other side in isometric view.

I am not saying you are wrong. I completely understand your situation. I hope you on the other hand understand that visual aids and UX improvements are the lower priority in Game Jams. We should have added it if we have extra time!

Anyways, thanks for your suggestion, we will look into other similar games to find better ways to represent this. Have a nice day :)

This is a very peaceful fun game! I love how the different effects work with the various weapon spaces on the ground and also I like how the animals will help you!